Sluggy Freelance: Very involved storyline, but stays funny

Mega Tokyo:Anime style online comic. Very funny and extremely well drawn

Penny Arcade: Funny gamer's comics.

Sinfest: Funny irreverant humor with a Calvin-looking lead character.

Return to sender. A bizzare comic with a unique style that leaves me wanting more.

Second Nature: Fellow Cavalier Daily comic artist. Funny and very well drawn. This one's ready to go straight into syndication. The only problem is Dave fears the syndicate, as well he should. They have spies everywhere.


Paradigm Shift: Cav. Daily comic artist. Edgy humor and crazy hijinks ensue

Crazy Eskimo: Cav. Daily comic artsist. Strip with a crazy crazy eskimo. 'Nuff said.

Coach Random: Well drawn comic about dog people that is brutal in it's hilarity.


Cavalier Daily: My home. The place I spend most of my time. Other comics besides the ones listed above reside there but don't have webpages...yet

Caine: The animation and comics club of Virginia

SCL: What I did in Highschool carried over to college. This is Latin. Unless you're a Latin geek or really bored, turn away.



My digital arts page Um... It's my digital art page.

Joust Remember Joust? Wanna play again? make sure you have the Shockwave plugin

Homestarrunner One of the most vast flash sites I've ever seen. Hilarious. Watch out for Strong Bad.

The Onion: Harvard's funniest newspaper. Word of advice: don't read it in the computer lab. Your stifled laughs might upset someone trying to study or write a paper.